Council committee approves new fees for residential parking permits

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The city operates the program at a cost of $1.4 million, running on a “substantial loss” given the cost of patrolling and enforcement in all the zones across Calgary.

Coun. Jeff Davison said it doesn’t make sense for people who live in certain areas to have free access to a service when all Calgary taxpayers contribute to maintaining public roads.

“You’re allowed to park in front of your house anywhere in the city. Nobody’s taking that away from you. But if you want a specialized guarantee that you can park on certain streets, user modelling is the way to look at that,” he said.

He added fees could also help test “how serious” people are about setting up permit parking zones, and whether it’s a measure that’s genuinely needed.

Under the new proposed system, Calgarians who want parking permits in their neighbourhood would still have to get the approval of at least 80 per cent of the people living in the area. City administration would then be able to set up the pay zones directly instead of going through the current process of taking it to council to create a new bylaw.

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