City’s tag-a-bag trash program rolling out Oct. 1

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Tomaras said about four per cent of Calgarians are leaving extra garbage out for collection and that by adding the fee, only those exceeding limits will be affected. Waste collection fees for Calgarians remained unchanged in 2020 compared with 2019, at roughly $24.30 per month per household.

“It’s probably the most fair and equitable way for us to put a price on garbage as well, so that anyone who is using more than their black cart can hold actually pays for any extra waste that they’re generating rather than the cost being subsidized by all customers.”

There are around one million carts in circulation across the city, with black carts accounting for 330,000 of those.

Tomaras said the city is still considering a pilot project called Pay As You Throw, which would charge residents based not on the volume of their garbage but on how often residents put their black carts out for collection.

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