Ceiling collapse forces Calgary charter school to relocate 300 students

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“As a portion of this school will not be usable for the 2020-2021, the CBE has offered to lease another school building (Dr. Norman Bethune) to the charter school to temporarily accommodate a portion of the school population until such time as the replacement school is completed,” the CBE said in a statement.

High school students at FFCA who live in north Calgary will continue to attend school in Montgomery, while those who live in the city’s south will now go to school in Acadia.

Structural issues at the Montgomery School have been known since 2014, when it was determined the site “wasn’t necessarily safe for a school,” Wilson said.

The school requested funding at the time to fix the problems but did not receive government approval to replace the high school until March 2019, a delay Wilson blamed on the then-NDP government.

The new high school isn’t expected to be completed for about four years.

Wilson said the situation could be difficult for some students who will be separated from their friends, particularly during the novel coronavirus pandemic and changes to the school setting.

“It’s certainly disappointing that we have to deal with this outcome when it was clearly described that this could be a potential outcome six years ago,” he said. “Given that we’re doing it through the lens of COVID and re-entry is just adding some major stress to students and staff in a time when they’ve got a lot of other things on their minds.”


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