Calgary academics to take part in national, anti-racism strike with universities’ support

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Scholar Strike Canada is hosting a line up of speakers during the virtual strike in a YouTube series that is available for anyone to view. These videos will touch on topics like confronting police forces in Canada, policing and treaty-breaking on 1492 land back lane, scholars and educators for Black Lives, and unfree labour on stolen land.

The series is meant to offer academics a space to speak about their experience, research and knowledge of Canada’s systemic racism.

The dates for the strike were chosen because of their proximity to Labour Day and many of Canada’s post-secondary institutions begin classes this week.

An online statement listing the purpose of the Scholar Strike states that its signatories will commit to actively ending all forms of racist, carceral, institutional and systemic forms of violence. This includes demanding to defund police and redistribution of funds to Black, Indigenous, racialized, queer and trans communities, demanding campus police are removed, addressing historic and underrepresentation of Black and Indigenous faculty, and committing to meaningfully recruit, admit, retain and mentor Black, Indigenous and racialized students, among other things.

The statement has been digitally signed by five Mount Royal University faculty members, and 24 University of Calgary faculty members and students.

McCauley explained that the University of Calgary “strongly condemns anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism and racism in all forms.”

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