Breakenridge: In the midst of pandemic sacrifices, what were travelling UCP politicians and staff thinking?

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And with Alberta’s vaccine rollout well behind the government’s own initial timetable, it was also quite galling that Allard, who was responsible for emergency management and whose deputy minister is the chair of the vaccine task force, would jet off to Hawaii with her family at such a crucial moment. 

The success of Alberta’s vaccination campaign doesn’t hinge on whether Allard is on vacation, but the idea that this period represents downtime for anyone connected to that campaign is especially outrageous. 

As of now, the vaccine distribution page on the province’s website says the start of vaccine roll-out to the general public won’t be until this fall. The government needs to be moving heaven and earth to speed up that timeline. The controversies of the past couple of weeks suggest the opposite is happening, and it’s unacceptable.  

This must also be frustrating to the cabinet ministers, MLAs and other officials who were principled enough or simply savvy enough to do the right thing. They’ll all be hit with the political fallout.

For all his vaunted political instincts, the premier somehow walked right into this quagmire. His hastily called New Year’s Day news conference only seemed to make matters worse. If they couldn’t foresee how this would anger Albertans, it’s hard to see how they’ll make this right, even after heads roll. 

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