Braid: Rising UCP discontent with the premier, the travellers, and pandemic measures

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Rosin says she’s proud that Alberta has not surrendered to this assault on freedom, “but I do worry that the wills of society are changing.”

It’s not the government’s fault that freedom is being eroded, you see. The real culprit is citizens who want it eroded.

MLA for Banff-Kananaskis Miranda Rosin.
MLA for Banff-Kananaskis Miranda Rosin. Photo by Marie Conboy

On Monday, conservative radio host Danielle Smith announced that she’s leaving radio for other pursuits. She suggested a return to politics could be among them. And there’s a civic election coming in October.

Smith lives in High River. A council candidate must reside in Calgary for six months before the election, including election day. There’s time, unlikely as it seems.

She took a pop at Mayor Naheed Nenshi and said she can’t understand why Calgary, which she believes to be a conservative city, keeps electing progressive councils.

For his part, the mayor will often say he’s a pragmatic conservative.

(Nenshi deserves a blast almost equal to Kenney’s for letting his own top officials travel out of the country, and then doing nothing about it.)

Smith talked a lot about her disgust with being blasted on social media. “I don’t like the Twitter mob coming at me,” she said, arguing that freedom of expression is being attacked.

Smith takes her lumps from progressives. As a humble moderate who gets it from both sides nearly every day, my sympathy is limited.

Every day, there are more signs of a shift in the UCP conservative consensus — to the right.

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