Braid: Every premier but Jason Kenney gets a pandemic popularity bump

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Premier Jason Kenney has led what may be Canada’s best COVID-19 response. He will even tell you, with a level of bluster, that it’s the best in the whole wide world.

But Kenney’s approval with Albertans is only 48 per cent, up just a single point since the pandemic hit, according to a new poll from the Angus Reid Institute.

The poll links popularity to pandemic leadership. Most premiers have enjoyed big bumps in approval.

But in Kenney’s case, it’s an inverse connection. He gets no political boost from positive performance. It seems obvious that with this premier, deeper things are going on.

Only one premier is less popular than Kenney, Brian Pallister in Manitoba. He sits at 47 per cent.

Everybody else (even Pallister, by four points) has seen their popularity rise during the pandemic.

The crisis has been the making of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, whose blunt, folksy personality fits the public mood. Ford went from 31 per cent only three months ago to 69 per cent today.