Allen inquiry says online notice of third delay a ‘posting error’

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Asked how such an error could occur, Boras said, “Has the Calgary Herald ever had corrections?” and declined further comment.

The explanation that the notice was posted in error beggars belief, said University of Alberta energy and environmental economist Andrew Leach.

“At some point, someone had to write up that html file, saying, ‘I’ve advised the minister.’ The pieces just don’t really add up very well,” Leach said.

“What’s the correction? Is the correction that he hasn’t actually advised the minister, or is the correction that they didn’t intend to post the notification that they had?”

Peter Brodsky, press secretary to Savage, said Saturday the ministry “still anticipate(s) delivery of the report on Jan. 31.”

Leach also questioned why the delay notice cited the need to implement a fair process.

“To me, it’s sort of late in the process to be talking about creating a fair process,” he said.

Also Saturday, officials with Greenpeace Canada said they had not received any contact from the inquiry, despite having reached out themselves in October 2019.

“Other NGOs haven’t been contacted either. It’s kind of bizarre,” said Keith Stewart, a senior energy strategist with Greenpeace Canada.

“It’s been a very odd thing, and they’re supposed to wrap up by Jan. 31, and if they’re handing in a report to government then and they haven’t even shown it to us, they can’t mention us, legally, by my understanding. So what the heck is this report about?”

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