Alberta’s 2021 New Year’s baby arrives seconds after midnight

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“I was getting worried I would have to go back to work, and I took all of December off because the nurses said she was probably going to be two weeks early,” Van Steinburg said. “I almost took a month off for nothing, but I’m glad it came at the end of this.”

Wyatt is the couple’s second child, joining his elder brother Lincoln at home Friday. He was eight pounds and seven ounces at birth, and his parents reported he was happy and healthy.

With his birth coming so soon after midnight, Wyatt is Alberta’s New Year’s baby, with the family saying nurses informed them it was the first birth of 2021.

Alberta Health Services said this week they would not be announcing a New Year’s baby, breaking from a long-standing tradition due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“We congratulate families on their new additions and welcome these brand-new Albertans to the world,” AHS said in a statement Wednesday.

The province said they expect to resume the New Year’s baby tradition in 2022.

The experience of having a child during the pandemic was a strange one, the new parents said, but hospital staff worked hard to make it a comfortable and memorable experience.

“The nurses were all really good about it,” Van Steinburg said. “The nursing team last night that delivered was awesome. They made it really fun. We didn’t know anybody, but we were best friends by the end of it.”

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