‘A violation of trust’: Alberta doctors decry government vacations abroad

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“I don’t know if it’s naive, but it did surprise me. Like the premier said yesterday, elected officials and people in public service are held to a higher standard, and knowing that and believing that, I was very surprised to hear that so many of the staffers and MLAs have left the country,” Mithani said.

“Unanimously, everybody is upset. It really feels like a violation of trust.”

Mithani said her family cancelled a ski trip to British Columbia booked months ago as the second wave worsened.

“We chose not even to leave the province, and we haven’t even left the city,” she said. “We chose to stay in Edmonton because it’s the safest thing to do and it’s in the spirit of these recommendations.”

Mattatall said she’s unaware of any colleagues who have left the country, saying a beach vacation is “the further thing” from a health-care worker’s mind currently.

Both doctors said they were frustrated those who travelled did not face consequences from Kenney.

On Wednesday, when the province last provided updated data on severe outcomes from COVID-19, there were 921 Albertans in hospital with COVID-19, 152 of whom were in intensive-care units.

At least 1,046 Albertans have died of the virus, with nearly half of that count coming in December alone.


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