“A substantial amount of mouse droppings”: Calgary pizza shop ordered closed after inspection

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A southeast Calgary pizza joint has been ordered temporarily closed after a health inspector found a dozen infractions, including mouse droppings in food.

In a written notice of closure dated Aug. 26, Alberta Health Services documented 12 different items of concern at Pop N’ Pizza located at 404 Erin Woods Drive SE.

According to the inspector, a “substantial amount of mouse droppings” and mouse urine was seen throughout the entire facility, including the kitchen, office, front counter area and storage area.

Mouse droppings were also seen directly in a bag of rice and in flour on the dough preparation counter.

The report detailed a microwave with surfaces no longer smooth and cleanable, and a “cloudy scum layer” on an open container of feta cheese. Food items were stored uncovered in the fridge, leading to potential cross-contamination.

“There was an accumulation of dirt, grease, and food debris noted on kitchen equipment, which includes, but is not limited to: stove, deep fryer, pizza preparation cooler, dough roller, pizza pans and food storage containers,” reads one item in the report.

To top it all off, there was no liquid soap or even a dispenser located in the staff washroom.

The owner has been handed a long list of items needed to bring the establishment back up to code. There is no set timeline for reopening.

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