Slain Calgary police officer remembered on day of funeral by Vernon Army Cadet Camp

On the day that Sgt. Andrew Harnett was honoured with a regimental funeral, those that knew him during his time at the Vernon Army Cadet Camp were sharing their memories of him.

“We have lost a very good human being not just from a policing perspective but, from a human standpoint as well,” said Lieutenant Colonel Allan Dengis.

Dengis was the Commanding Officer at the Vernon Army Cadets Camp while Sgt. Harnett served as a Military Police officer at the cadet camp.

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“I am hoping that he is remembered as the positive outgoing individual as he came across as being,” Dengis said. “This is a tragic sense of circumstances that has happened here.”

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Sgt. Harnett was one of two M.P.’s stationed at the camp in the summer of 2007 and part of 2008. Where he mentored and inspired cadets such as Michelle Duncalfe who was 18-years-old when she met Sgt. Harnett.

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“A lot of us remember him as just being a stand-up guy and someone who was very passionate,” said Const. Duncalfe, Red Deer RCMP. “People remember that. He was a truly amazing person and he just wanted to help people.”

Duncalfe was already dreaming of a career in law enforcement and was impressed with Harnett’s dedication as well as the way he treated others at the camp.

“He just was genuine and nice and easy to talk to,” Duncalfe said. “Today is a very hard day but it’s something that needed to be done and I am very glad that he is getting his day.”

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