Energize Don’t Hide 2021, supported by Global Calgary & 770 CHQR

The Challenge

Each year 1.6 million Canadians report unmet mental health care needs, and the demand for services has escalated due to the pandemic. The mental health effects of COVID-19—including anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, substance use—will last long after the pandemic has subsided. It costs approximately, $330 for each Canadian to have access to mental health resources in Canada.

Who We Are

CMHA is the most established and extensive community mental health organization in Canada and a national leader in community-based mental health service integration and coordination.

CMHA Calgary creates awareness, educates, and provides support for individuals and families living with a mental health or substance use concern, or a loss by suicide. We provide community-based programs, including supportive and independent living, homeless outreach, aboriginal outreach, suicide bereavement and peer support for families and individuals. We work closely with other community organizations to bridge gaps in the mental health care system and facilitate access to important services and resources.

The Event

Energize Don’t Hide is a mental and physical wellness challenge created to raise awareness, build connection and fundraise for the ongoing delivery and expansion of CMHA Calgary programs and services. You can cycle, run, stretch, dance, meditate or anything you want! Be active on your own, with your family or connect remotely.

Be Part of the Solution!

It costs approximately, $330 for each Canadian to have access to mental health resources in Canada. How can you help ensure your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours will have access to mental health program and services, when they need it? Register and start fundraising today!

Register as an individual and set your fundraising goal to $330

Register as a team and set your fundraising goal to $3,300

Register today!

  1. Register for Energize Don’t Hide as an individual or build a team
  2. Be part of the solution! Make an encouraged $100 one-time donation or $55/month recurring donation
  3. Select the activity of your choice
  4. Energize your friends, family and colleagues to register with you!
  5. Set your fitness goal and track your progress. Stay tuned for our new fitness app coming soon!
  6. Connect with us on social media

Challenge yourself, your friends and family

Once you register, set your fitness goal and start logging your activity whether it be indoor or outdoor (stay tuned for our new app!). You can do a little bit everyday or track your progress once a week.

Encourage your family and friends to energize and register with you! You will more likely achieve your fitness and fundraising goal, as well as build a feeling of connection if you have a group to support you.

Support CMHA Calgary

We want to sincerely thank our larger community and supporters; we could not provide the services Calgary needs without you during this time.

To stay updated with CMHA Calgary, sign-up for our newsletter, follow us on social media and our website (www.cmha.calgary.ab.ca), and share our posts with your network (FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn).

#Energizedonthide2021 #Howienergize2021

Today we are encouraging you to reach out to a friend. Check in to see how they are really doing; how is their mental health. If they need help, encourage them to call or email CMHA Calgary. We are here to help – from a safe distance!

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