Edmonton Marvel fan featured in Guinness World Record 2020 book

An Edmonton man is in the Guinness World Records for “Most Marvel Comic Characters Tattooed on the Body”.

Rick Scolamiero has 34 tattoos including Spiderman, Black Widow and Thanos. The tattoos cover his entire body from the neck down.

Rick Scolamiero poses for a photo
Rick Scolamiero poses for a photo. Courtesy: Breanne Marie

“It started in 2011 with a tattoo of Spiderman on my forearm. I was going to get a sleeve of Marvel characters,” Scolamiero said. “I figured maybe I would get the odd Marvel character here and there.”

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After wondering if his feat could be a Guinness World Record, Scolamiero reached out to Guinness and the company said they would create a title for him. In 2018, he snagged the official title.

Rick Scolamiero’s Spiderman tattoo
Rick Scolamiero’s Spiderman tattoo. Morgan Black/Global News

“It’s about the cost of an SUV,” Scolamiero said.

Scolamiero estimated he’s spent about 400 hours being tattooed, heading to get inked about once a month for about seven years.

“This is for life. It’s something I enjoy. It’s something I’m passionate about. I still have love for Marvel and the tattoos. It was a great investment,” Scolamiero added.

Scolamiero was featured in the Guinness World Record 2020 book and said it was an exciting moment for him.

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“We didn’t have a lot when I was growing up. I had some comic books and I had one Guinness World Record book. I spent years looking through that book.”

All but one of Scolamiero’s Marvel tattoos have been done by Edmonton tattoo artist, Tony Sklepic. According to Scolamiero, the duo are now best friends.

“His artwork is in my house. We’ve been to California, he’s tattooed me in Las Vegas at Comic Con. It’s a great friendship.”

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The Edmontonian also has Stan Lee’s signature tattooed on his wrist, after the comic book legend signed it in sharpie at an event.

Rick Scolamiero’s home collectionScolamiero also collects other comic related items. His home is filled with various memorabilia.

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