‘We’ll play in snow, we’re Canadian right?’: Albertans make the most of a wet, snowy May long

CALGARY — Many Albertans looking to spend their Victoria Day weekend outdoors aren’t letting forecasts of rain or snow dampen their spirits.

A mix of rain and light snow fell in Calgary much of Thursday but that didn’t stop Jaden Crozier and Christopher Radmacher from hitting the links.

“We’ll play in snow, we’re Canadian right?” asked Crozier.

Although the pair who played at Maple Ridge Golf Course admit it wasn’t easy.

“It’s cold so your fingers are brittle as soon as you hit that ball it feels like you’re crushing ice on your hands,” said Radmacher. “It’s not fun but with what’s going on right now this is the best you can get.”


Outside the city, many avid campers said they were prepared for snow May long weekend.

“Once you’re here, once you get set up, it’s just water,” said Mary-Jane Boyer. “We have wool pants and heavy boots and I think we need lots of blankets on the bed.”

Boyer and her family set up their camping site in Kananaskis and said you can typically expect snow to fall during the long weekend but added that you have to take what you can get with campsites booking up fast across the province.

“We’re adventurerers, we’ll take on anything so that’s why we’re here,” she said.


The snow was welcome news for many ski and snowboarders who weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the season.

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Jason Tamagi, the director of sales and marketing with Sunshine Village, said they’ll take all the snow they can get before closing for the weekend after the long weekend.

“Skiing has been so great this year and being able to give our guests one more weekend of skiing win fresh snow is going to be fantastic for everyone,” he said.

Unlike previous years, there won’t be a big party or concerts at the resort to end the season due to COVID-19 restrictions.

For a full list of the weather alerts in affect for Alberta visit: https://weather.gc.ca/warnings/index_e.html?prov=ab

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