Toy Mountain campaign braves the pandemic to collect over 24,000 toys

CALGARY — Toy Mountain made it to the summit Wednesday, smashing its goal by collecting close to $1 million in toys and basic essentials.

The campaign, which CTV Calgary launched in conjunction with CJAY 92, 98.5 VIRGIN Radio and Funny 1060AM, raised toys, cash and other much-needed items that will be collected in support of the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.

Despite taking place in a pandemic, when the numbers were finally crunched Wednesday, they were pretty inspiring.

“Putting this together this year was a bit of a challenge,” said CTV Marketing and Promotion Director Jason Almeida, in an email. “But we pushed through with drop-off locations and new innovative ideas (touchless donation option on our website).

“We even kept our goal at $350,000 in toys and basic essentials, a big goal that we expected to just barely pass.” Instead, the campaign raised a total of 24,422 toys and basic essentials, which had a value (including financial donations), of $998,137.

“Calgary did what Calgary does best,” Almeida said. “And truly proved that despite the conditions, wanted to help those in need.”

The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter is focused on ending family violence and abuse in the lives of women, children and men.

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