The Blood Tribe Agriculture Society brings rodeos back to southern Alberta

CALGARY — The cowboys and cowgirls were in Lethbridge this weekend for the Indian National Finals Rodeo (INFR).

It’s the first time the INFR Tour has stopped in Lethbridge, and the Blood Tribe Ag Society are hoping to make it an annual event.

The event was held at the Rocky Mountain Turf Club and the general manager, Rose Rossi, is excited to keep their connection with Blood Tribe going.

“It’s become a real part of us, in partnership with all the groups, and it’s been wonderful,” said Rossi.

“I can’t say it enough, it’s really been for the spirit of the horse.”

It’s not just the Ag Society and the Turf Club who are excited though, so are the contestants.

For many of them, it’s their first rodeo in over a year and they are buzzing, according to Rossi.

Indian National Finals Rodeo

“They’re totally stoked,” she said. “I mean, they’re having a great time and have been looking forward to this.”

The rodeo started on Saturday and included nine major events with contestants competing for a purse of over $2,000.

However, there was far more than just money at stake, says the Blood Tribe Ag Society’s president, Jon Wells.

“All the contestants show up and compete so they can earn a seat at the Indian National Finals Rodeo, which is held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the South Point,” Wells told CTV News.

In addition to being president, Wells was also a contestant and competed on Saturday.

“I participated in the steer wrestling event and I caught my steer but he just snuck out under me,” he said.

There was more than just the rodeo going on as well.

Fans also came down to enjoy the warrior relay races which were held during the rodeo’s intermission.

Logan Red Crow is the only female racer in the event, coming from a family of relay racers, and loves what it represents.

Indian National Finals Rodeo

“It’s really fun getting to showcase our culture and a bunch of people are really fascinated by it,” said Red Crow.

“We’re just doing what we love to do and it’s good to see that people like to see what we’re doing.”

Red Crow and the relay races will return to the Rocky Mountain Turf Club at the end of September with a full weekend of events.

When it comes to the Blood Tribe Ag Society, they’ve been given the honour of hosting the Blood Tribe-Kainai Tour Rodeo at the start of September.

For more information on future stops for the INFR Rodeo Tour, you can visit their website.

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