‘Texting and driving? Oh, cell no!’: City of Calgary hopes snarky signs keep you looking

CALGARY — Road signs usually warn of construction delays, lane closures or collisions ahead and rarely make motorists smile.

The City of Calgary is trying to upend that through its Traffic Tuesday program.

Fortunate drivers may have noticed one of the 18 electronic message boards on Calgary roads sporting messages ranging from ‘Camp in the Rockies, not the left lane’ to ‘Do you like surprises? Try shoulder checking’.

The messages are designed to fall into one of three categories: driver pet peeves, pop culture references, and local events.

The first sign started flashing its message on May 4 — dubbed ‘Star Wars Day’ by aficionados of the sci-fi movie series— that read ‘Baby Yoda uses the force but still needs a car seat’.

City officials say the signs are aimed at putting smiles on faces, noting that happy drivers are generally safer drivers.

The City of Calgary Transportation department is also taking submissions from the public for messages.  If you want your slogan in lights on a major roadway you can submit it here.

Remember to keep your message submission family-friendly as they’ll likely be seen by tykes in the backseat who might be making a game out of spotting the ‘punny’ signs.

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