TELUS line cut, causing failure of communications in multiple Alberta communities

CALGARY — Provincial officials have called an emergency alert for a situation where a damaged line may have impacted all communication on the TELUS network in east central Alberta and surrounding areas.

The alert was issued at 11:15 a.m. and is due to a TELUS communications line that had been accidentally cut in eastern Alberta.

While it appeared just one line was cut, the province says it will have a huge impact on services for thousands of Albertans.

“(It) has caused the failure of multiple Telus services, including landline, wireless voice, internet, TV and other services provided by TELUS. Everyone using TELUS in east central Alberta might be impacted,” the bulletin reads.

More importantly, it also means that residents in the affected areas will not be able to contact emergency services if needed.

“The following communities are known to have been impacted: Hanna, Cessford, Consort, Delia, Acadia Valley, Cereal, Coronation, Oyen, Veteran, Youngstown, Stettler, Drumheller and Caster. This list is not conclusive.”

Albertans who live in or nearby those areas are urged to check their landlines or cell phones for a signal. If they do not have one, arrange plans to help one another out in case of emergency.

Further information on TELUS outages can be found online.

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