Seniors’ advocacy group calls on province to close Calgary retirement home

CALGARY — A group that fights for the rights and well-being of Alberta seniors contends that swift action needs to be taken regarding the situation at Millrise Seniors Village, a retirement home that suffered through a massive COVID-19 outbreak last May.

The Elders Advocates of Alberta Society has released a letter it sent to Alberta Health Services (AHS) CEO Dr. Verna Yiu, calling for the agency to properly respond to the situation at the facility, located at 14911 Fifth St. S.W. in Calgary.

“It was reported to us that, last spring, when your office contracted with Millrise Seniors Village, it was because residents had been found to be suffering almost total neglect,” writes Ruth Adria, a spokesperson for the Society, in the letter.

“There were inadequate numbers of staff on site. Residents had been left without food and water. The kitchen was closed.”

In February, AHS said it was cancelling the agreement it had with Millrise to take over operations at the facility after it was found the operator could not maintain proper care of residents during a COVID-19 outbreak.

AgeCare, a third-party organization had been tasked with caring for residents, but in approximately five months, the plan will be to return operation of the facility back to West Coast Seniors Housing Management, the Vancouver-based company originally contracted by AHS to run the facility.

Adria doesn’t want that to happen and has implored AHS to correct the situation by taking immediate action.

“We submit that the Millrise Seniors Village facility should be shuttered, their licence revoked, charges laid against all levels of administration, senior staff and administrators of Millrise Seniors Village, Retirement Concepts, West Coast Management Company and the owners,” she writes.

“We pray that you will choose to pursue justice in this matter.”

CTV News has reached out to AHS and West Coast in regards to the situation.

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