Second World War medals returned to Edmonton family

EDMONTON — An Edmonton family has been reunited with their family heirlooms Sunday, days after the items were mistakenly given away.

A collection of Second World War medals and a scrapbook were lost after being loaned to a family member.

Veronica McDonnell took to social media earlier this week, pleading for the items to be returned.

Late Saturday night, McDonnell shared that the items had been returned.

The medals, including a Distinguished Conduct Medal and several service awards, belonged to Capt. John Joseph McDonnell.

His service with the British military began in 1932, when he served with the Lancashire Fusiliers as a boy soldier. He was a sergeant with the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment and a second lieutenant with the Army Air Corps during the Second World War.

McDonnell fully retired from service in 1961 and died in July 1989.

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