Pedestrians were victims of a hit-and-run, Calgary police say


Calgary police say two pedestrians were sent to hospital after they were struck by a sedan that was fleeing the scene of a separate hit-and-run Saturday evening.

The incident began when a car rear-ended a truck in downtown Calgary, police say. Following the crash, the smaller vehicle fled the scene.

That’s when the driver of the truck took off in pursuit.

A short time later, the car ran a red light at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and First Street S.W., striking two pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Both vehicles failed to stop at the second incident, but continued the chase into northeast Calgary before stopping outside a home.

Police soon arrived at the home and arrested both drivers.


The two victims were taken to hospital in serious condition and police say one of them suffered “life altering injuries” as a result of the incident.

The driver of the car is suspected of speeding and driving while impaired. Charges are pending.

Meanwhile, the other driver is facing charges of dangerous driving as a result of chasing the car.

Officials say anyone who is involved in a hit-and-run collision must call 911 immediately and never engage in a pursuit.

“What began as a simple property damage collision, almost led to catastrophic results. We cannot stress this enough – do not follow drivers when they flee the scene of an accident,” said Sgt. Colin Foster with the CPS’ collision reconstruction unit.

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