‘Pace is perfect for walking my dog’: Calgary unicyclist keeps riding in winter

It’s not for everyone but for Matthew Kinzel and his husky Tikka, a unicycle covers all the bases — and the ride to work may be a little slower than on two wheels but it saves them time in the end.

“It’s the right mode of transportation for a given circumstance,” said Kinzel. “It really plays into my life because the pace is perfect for walking my dog.”

“[It’s] a way for me to walk my dog 10 kilometres a day without having to take any extra time other than my commute, so we’re sort of combining our exercise.”

Kinzel, now in his mid-40s, says he’s been riding the same unicycle since he was about 16. Despite looking a little insecure in the snow, he says it feels slightly more stable than a bike in the same conditions.

Tikka is about three years old and a rescue dog with a lot of energy. She can be a little wary of people, but follows Kinzel through every turn and street crossing.

He says the 40-minute ride also just feels good – making the city feel a little more alive.

“It’s just being part of the city and viewing the city as being an extension of our home as opposed to somewhere we just have to get through on our way to work,” said Kinzel.

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