More than 900 AHS management positions are on the ‘Sunshine List’: government watchdog

CALGARY — Information from the Canadian Taxpayer Federation (CTF) shows that more than 900 management positions within Alberta Health Services (AHS) are on the “Sunshine List”.

The group released the data about the number of AHS executives who earned more than $132,924 in 2019. According to policy, all staff earning above that amount must have their salaries posted for public knowledge.

Given the sheer number of executives on the list, the CTF says some cost cutting must be done.

“With more than 900 AHS management bureaucrats on the sunshine list, Health Minister Tyler Shandro is right to look for savings at the top of the pyramid,” said CTF Alberta director Franco Terrazano in a release.

The list compiled by the CTF includes AHS president and CEO Verna Yiu, 11 vice-presidents, 571 directors, 204 managers and many other leadership-type positions.

It says the average compensation of all 920 positions on the list is $193,404. Public information shows Yiu earned $677,785 in total compensation in 2019.

The CTF released the figures a day after the Alberta government announced it was cutting the pay of its staffers by seven per cent and three days after Health Minister Tyler Shandro announced that the goverment would cut the equivalent of 9,700 full-time positions.

At least 100 of those jobs are expected to be managers.

“It can’t just be struggling taxpayers doing all the heavy lifting,” said Terrazzano. “Albertans outside of government have been suffering through pay cuts and job losses over the last five years.

“Now, taxpayers need Alberta bureaucrats to help share the economic burden and take a cut.”

CTV News has reached out to AHS for comment on the CTF’s Sunshine List.

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