MLA Dang leaves NDP caucus after RCMP search of his home: Notley

Edmonton-South MLA Thomas Dang has left the NDP caucus, Opposition Leader Rachel Notley announced on Tuesday.

Dang stepped down after the RCMP searched his home Tuesday morning, Notley said.

“We believe this matter is related to the issue that arose when Alberta Health inadvertently disclosed personal health information through the COVID-19 records website,” Notley said.

“The situation, to the best of our knowledge, is as follows: In September, all Albertans heard anecdotal reports that they could access protected health information of other Albertans through the website. This was later proven to be correct… Thomas visited the website and then contacted Alberta Health proactively about his concerns.”

Notley repeated the NDP does not know the specifics of the allegations against the MLA, and the RCMP have not released any details about the investigation.

Thomas offered to step aside from the NDP caucus and Notley accepted, she said.

“Our caucus has a long-standing policy that members under active police investigation will not sit in the caucus, and Thomas understands this.”

This story will be updated when more information becomes available

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