Mavericks Football club starts season on the back foot after winter break-in

As the start of another football season nears, one Calgary club has had some of its excitement dashed.

Over the winter, someone broke into the Mavericks storage sheds by smashing locks and doors and stealing thousands of dollars in equipment and jerseys.

“It is really frustrating,” said coach Todd Mackay. “That someone would come in and destroy our storage facility at a cost to us.

“It’s (also) frustrating that somebody doesn’t understand how much kids get out of this game and how much volunteers put into this game.”

Mackay says that as a non-profit, Mavericks Football relies on volunteers and donations to fuel the sport. The club also covers the costs for kids who otherwise would not be able to play the game.

“We’ve never turned away a kid for being unable to pay his fees,” Mackay added. “We believe no player should miss out on an opportunity to play football because of finances.”

For now, the team will still take to the field, but they need to replace half their jerseys and repair damage to all their storage sheds.

“Feels like a big kick to the teeth,” Mackay said.

Despite the circumstances, Ben Nolin says he still can’t wait to get back on the field this weekend after COVID-19 derailed past seasons.

“It’s been two years,” Nolin told CTV News Calgary. “Lots of people have missed their chances. Like my brother missed his last two years of football.

“It’s been super fun,” he added. “We’ve been practicing, doing fun stuff, getting ready to play.”

The team hopes to fundraise enough to cover the costs of the stolen equipment before the spring season is over.

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