Latin Festival a success, more festivals to come: Organizers

LETHBRIDGE — The Southern Alberta Ethnic Association hosted its first festival in over a year and it was a success, according to organizers.

The Latin Festival brought food, performers and entertainers from across Central and South America to Lethbridge for the one-day festival.

“It’s been a super tough year-and-a-half with COVID, and so it’s just been really nice to be able to do an event again,” said Jackie French, the festival organizer.

COVID-19 restrictions in the province were recently lifted, leaving the group with little time to plan the event. The event still managed to draw hundreds to see the festivities.

“I think the community really appreciated (it), we had a great turn out, the exhibitors are happy, the performers are having fun, and the community came out and their just having a great time,” said French.

“Everybody seems really appreciative just to be here.”

The community support for this event has paved the way for more festivals in the coming months, according to organizers.

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