‘It’s so awesome’: Lethbridge Gymnastics Academy celebrates after delayed reopening

CALGARY — Two years after expanding its facilities, the Lethbridge Gymnastics Academy was able to hold a grand opening.

The facility expanded from one bay to three, the expansion was completed before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“Having this many kids in the gym and the community has been such a great support, it’s so awesome to be able to be like, okay, it’s September, we’re open in our complete capacity,” said Andrea Seright, the co-owner of the academy.

Demonstrations were put on by athletes and guests were able to give the equipment a try.

“It is very fun to me and I like to play and also I learn new skills when I’m doing it and it’s just fun,” said Amalia Yavitu, a 9-year-old gymnast.

The academy has opened up registrations for all ages, with classes starting in the fall.

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