Gas prices remain stable in Calgary ahead of long weekend

The price for a full tank of gas in Calgary is still pretty expensive, but indications show there isn’t much change expected for the near future.

Last week, the cost per litre for regular gas went up to 171.9 cents, building on the record high prices that were set coast-to-coast since last 2021.

While the Victoria Day long weekend is a typical time for many gas stations to hike their prices again, no such action appears to have been taken in Calgary.

According to, an online resource that tracks prices along with trends, the average price per litre is 171.6 cents per litre.

The cheapest gas you can buy, however, is more than 10 cents cheaper than that – a Costco store in southwest Calgary is selling it for 158.9 cents per litre. Of course, you’ll need a membership to take advantage.

The Alberta government already agreed to put a hiatus on one of the taxes it collects from gas prices for the present moment and Premier Jason Kenney hinted on May 13 that his government was willing to help out again.

“If we see continued progress on the fiscal and economic front, we may be in a position to provide more meaningful support to Albertans,” he said.

There is no information on what else the provincial government is planning in terms of relief.

Even so, prices here are still much lower than the Canadian average, which is more than $2 per litre, but experts say costs could come down sometime in July or August.

The highest average prices in Canada have been recorded in the Vancouver area (229.5 cents per litre) and Newfoundland and Labrador (229.2 cents per litre).

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