Fire crews extinguish house fire in southeast community of Ogden

CALGARY — The Calgary Fire Department was kept busy early Tuesday morning with a pair of responses in two different quadrants of the city. 

The first fire was reported to emergency crews just after 1:30 a.m. in the southeast community of Ogden after flames could be seen raging inside a home.

Firefighters responded to the 7400 block of Ogden Road S.E. where heavy smoke could be seen coming from the roof of the building. 

The fire was quickly extinguished from the outside of the building, before crews were able to enter the front door and search for anyone inside. 

No one was found inside and there have been no reports of injuries. The home was deemed to be abandoned and the majority of damage was contained to the ground floor.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. 

A few hours later, crews were called to reports of a kitchen fire at an apartment building in the community of Bridgeland on Fourth Avenue N.E near Second Street.

Firefighters safely assisted 25 residents out of the three storey building as smoke emanated from one of the lower units. 

Crews gained entry to the suite and encountered a small kitchen fire. The exact cause is still under investigation as no one was home inside the unit at the time. The damage was limited to the one suite. 

The Calgary Fire Department kicked off Fire Prevention Week on Monday, with this year’s theme focused on fire safety in the kitchen. 

“We’ve had around 130 cooking fires from January to the end of August of this year,” said Calgary Fire Chief Steve Dongworth on Monday.

“That resulted in six injuries and over $1 million worth of loss and year after year we see this as our leading causes of fire in Calgary.”

All 25 residents of the Bridgeland apartment building have since been allowed back inside.

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