Filming of The Last of Us to have lasting impact on High River, Alta.


A southern Alberta town received $100,000 in compensation after hosting a major HBO production and the funds will be utilized for outstanding projects benefiting the town’s children at the network’s request.

Filming of The Last of Us, an HBO television series based on the popular video games, in the area of Beachwood in High River, Alta. generated $1,000 per day for the town.

The funds would normally be split evenly between the town’s Community Vitality Advisory Committee and public arts, but HBO requested that the dollars be used for a large legacy project for the children of High River.

On Tuesday, High River town council allocated $80,000 of the funding to the High River Bike Park Society’s pump track project and $20,000 to the Spitzee Elementary School playground project.

The town also received an additional $15,000 from HBO to compensate for the removal of three trees during set production. Council says these funds will be added to the town’s tree budget.

The Last of Us, which stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, is currently filming in Edmonton and the series is scheduled to debut in 2022.

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