Extra garbage bags in Calgary will require a tag starting Oct. 1

CALGARY — Calgarians who want to put more bags of garbage out than will fit in their black cart will have to buy tags beginning Oct. 1.

Tags will cost $3 each and will be available starting this month at Calgary Co-op and Circle K locations, or they can be bought online in bundles of five. Tags are also available at city hall, however only cash or debit is accepted as payment.

Bags should be tied closed with a tag attached to the knot, then placed about half a metre to the side of the black cart to allow for collection.

“If there is no sticker, your collection driver will not pick up the bag,” the city said in a posting.

“There is no expiry and no refunds on the garbage tags. Garbage bags must be no larger than 66 cm x 90 cm (26 in x 35 in).”

They must also weigh no more than 20 kg.

“If you can lift the bag with one hand, it’s probably OK,” the city said.

Tags are not required for paper yard waste bags used for yard waste as part of the Green Cart program.

Extra bag tags are not required for businesses or multi-family complexes and tags are not valid at city landfills.

Illegal dumping should be reported to 311.

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