Edible garden grows a food forest and gathering place in Silver Springs

The community members of an edible garden in Silver Springs threw a socially-distanced party for its new food forest and gathering space.

The Edible Garden of Silver Springs celebrated its 10th anniversary Saturday, when they also introduced the community to their newest gathering space,  funded in part by the Calgary Foundation through its Neighbour Grants program.

It’s all part of a larger ecosystem of gardeners of all different degrees of expertise, who have created a community of local foodies in Silver Springs.

As far as opening a garden in a pandemic, the folks behind the Food Forest allowed visitors to try freshly-grown produce in designated areas even if they didn’t have a designated plot. Children participated in a treasure hunt, which involved identifying different types of vegetables and fruit trees located inside the garden.

Liz McKay, the group co-chair of Silver Springs said, “It’s important to have a place for people to congregate and – you may like gardening and you may not know anything about gardening, but it’s a place to share that information.”

Edible garden

The new food forest will have 36 4 x 8 plots inside the fence.

The garden has hosted numerous school children over the years, who have learned about biodiversity and how their food is grown. It’s also become a go-to place for the community, both for gardeners or just neighbourhood residents, who enjoy the chance to walk and talk in a garden, to sit under the pergola, and enjoy the city’s natural life.

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