‘COVID-19 loves parties’: Alberta government launches ads to curb the spread

CALGARY — It’s tough to say what is more frightening about the Alberta government’s new holiday ad campaign – the message of how easily the virus can spread or that mask.

The advertisements, published to YouTube on Friday, both share the message that COVID-19 loves gatherings such as parties and holiday get-togethers, where the virus can spread to a number of people in a short period of time.

Both videos depict an individual dressed up for a party wearing a giant mask bearing a gleaming toothy grin and the telltale red corona structures known to be associated with the virus.

In association with the pair of videos, the Alberta government launched its COVIDloves.ca website, which shares a number of important messages about prevention of the spread of the virus.

Many of the typical guidelines are included on the website, such as wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer and social distancing among others.

The province also included a “myths and facts” section that includes some details about the pandemic that some Albertans might not know about.

“There’s no evidence your pets can give you COVID-19, but tons of evidence they love you,” the site says in response to a query about whether or not doggy kisses spread the virus.

It also says picking up the mail is safe, considering there is no proof the virus can live on letters.

When it comes to home remedies such as oregano oil, apple cider vinegar and “crystals,” the website’s answer is simple.

“COVID-19 laughs at these.”

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