Claresholm, Alta. dog attack victim speaks out

For 69-year-old Lynne Mitchell, Aug. 6 is a day she would like to forget after being mauled by two aggressive dogs.

“The one dog just turned to look at me and came charging at me. The grey one in the front and the brown one went behind me,” she said of the attack that left her with major lacerations all over her body, which had to be stitched at the hospital.

  • Warning: images below may be disturbing to some readers

Mitchell says the attack — which happened while she was out for a walk on Aug. 12 — was traumatizing but her frustration now lies with the RCMP investigation, saying she firmly believes not enough was done.

“The mishandling of the situation afterward … asked about were the dogs seized, and it was kind of wishy-washy,” said Mitchell.

She says she was expecting some kind of action to be taken immediately but that didn’t happened. She says the officer on the scene let the owner go and the dogs were released.

“I basically didn’t have to worry, because she was voluntarily agreeing to have the dogs put down,” said Mitchell.

A day after Mitchell was attacked, a small dog was mauled to death in nearby Fort Macleod, Alta., about 173 kilometres south of Calgary.

The family says the dog involved in that incident belongs to the same woman who owns the dog that attacked Mitchell.

CTV News reached out to Claresholm RCMP, who say charges have now been laid against the owner. They also confirmed the dogs were never seized.

A Willow Creek MD community peace officer confirmed the dogs are still free. Some residents say they are fearful of another attack, especially with several seniors living in the area and an elementary school nearby.

“Are they in the house, I mean nobody knows. So if something did happen to me who would be there for me” said resident Fran Gattinger.

Mitchell shares the that sentiment.

“As owie as my bites might have been from the dogs, I’ll get bitten 10 more times rather than see a little kid go through what I had to go through,” she said.

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