City imposes fire ban over smoke concerns

CALGARY — To help mitigate the impact of smoke engulfing the city from B.C. wildfires, the city announced a temporary fire ban Friday.

That includes the use of fire pits, recreational campfires, outdoor fireplaces and other open flame devices that burn solid fuels such as wood or briquettes.

“The Calgary Fire Department closely monitors all conditions throughout the year,” said Calgary Fire Department Deputy Chief Ken Uzeloc, in a statement. “Today’s fire ban reflects significant, increased risk of air quality resulting from wildfire smoke and a need to restrict burning that would contribute to this.”

The fire department considered a number of factors, including the health and safety of Calgarians in the decision to impose a ban.

The ban includes all parks in the city.

Under the fire ban, the following are prohibited:

  • Open fires;
  • Fire pits;
  • Outdoor chimeneas;
  • Recreational solid fuel barbecues and stoves (charcoal briquettes or wood); and
  • Tiki torches

The following are currently allowed:

  • Gas or propane fire pits that are CSA approved or ULC certified;
  • Gas or propane stoves and barbeques that are CSA approved or ULC certified;
  • Patio heaters (propane, catalytic or infrared/radiant);
  • Approved commercial solid fuel cooking appliances. (e.g. BBQ and Pizza establishments/vendors);
  • Ceremonial events with an approved CFD permit;
  • Fireworks with an approved CFD permit;
  • Internal household fireplaces; and
  • Indoor open-air flame fires with an approved CFD permit

The ban will be in effect until weather conditions no longer pose a health risk.

For more information, go to: or call 311.

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