Catholic Diocese of Calgary commits to financially supporting residential school survivors

CALGARY — The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary committed to supporting survivors of residential schools with a monetary contribution.

Following recent discoveries of unmarked graves at residential school sites in Canada, the diocese released a statement on Friday announcing the financial contribution to supporting survivors and addressing intergenerational harm caused by the schools.

The diocese did not disclose how much money will be offered or where exactly it would go.

“The Diocese of Calgary is committed to providing a monetary contribution to a forthcoming local/regional financial appeal,” the statement read. “This expresses the commitment of the Diocese to the ongoing work of justice and healing in our country with the Indigenous Peoples and their communities.”

Further details about the financial contribution are expected to be announced in September 2021.

The Catholic diocese said there were 25 residential schools in Alberta but clarified that none were operated by them.

Four schools were operated by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate within the diocese’s boundaries, the diocese said.

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