Calgary supermarket shuttered after mouse droppings found in dairy case, bite marks in chip bags

CALGARY — Management of a grocery store in southeast Calgary confirm the store remains closed to the public due to a mice-related closure.

The Forest Lawn Lucky Supermarket, located in the 4500 block of Eighth Avenue S.E., was ordered to close following a health inspection that unearthed ‘an abundance of mouse droppings and urine’.

According to Alberta Health Services, the droppings were found in several areas of the store including:

  • The dairy display cooler;
  • On or near grocery display shelves;
  • The vegetable walk-in cooler;
  • The meat walk-in cooler; and,
  • The meat department.

Products that had been contaminated by mice were located on shelves including several bags of chips with chew holes in the packaging.

A manager at the store, who would not speak to the specifics of the closure, confirmed to CTV News that the store was closed to customers Wednesday and remained closed Thursday morning ahead of a scheduled inspection.

She said the store could potentially reopen as soon as Thursday afternoon should inspectors deem it safe to do so.

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