Calgary rally shows solidarity with Sri Lankan people as economic crisis deepens

People from the local Sri Lankan community rallied together at city hall Saturday to denounce corruption and human rights violations in their homeland.

The Indian Ocean island nation faces its worst financial crisis in more than 70 years, as food prices soar and local business leaders warn of an imminent economic catastrophe.

Chandana Peirs, one of the protesters, said the situation in Sri Lanka is immensely difficult as the economic crisis grows.

“We are trying to show our solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka who are fighting against these issues,” he told CTV News.

Piers said the rising price of living there is causing many to wait in line for basic goods, like food and medicine, which are being rationed.

The fuel shortage has caused rolling power blackouts that can last up to several hours a day.

“The reason for all these issues is the corruption in the (Sri Lankan) government,” Peirs added.

“We are very deeply saddened by this situation.”

Organizers said they expected around 200 participants to join in the rally.

Similar protests were held in other major cities across the country.

With files from The Associated Press

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