Calgary police officer guilty of assault for slamming woman into ground

CALGARY — A Calgary police officer has been found guilty of assault for slamming a woman into the ground face first at the arrest processing unit in 2017.

Const. Alex Dunn, 34, was convicted on Thursday for the assault on Dalia Kafi.

  • Warning: video and details in this story may be upsetting to some

Dunn, then a nine-year veteran of CPS, had arrested Kafi earlier in the evening.

Surveillance video of the incident, which was released by the court, shows Dunn standing in the lower portion of the screen, then Kafi, who is handcuffed with her hands behind her back, walks into the frame.

Dunn motions for her to stand next to a wall, which she does, and  walks over to her and appears to reach for something on her head. Kafi pulls away and the two struggle for a few seconds before the officer slams her onto the ground. She appears to land head first.

Dunn continues to hold her arm for a few seconds, then another officer enters and Dunn backs away from Kafi. More officers enter the frame soon after.

They help the woman up and what looks like blood can be seen on the ground where she originally was.

Paramedics arrive minutes later.

Dunn was relieved from his CPS duty with pay and had been performing administrative duties awaiting conclusion of the trial.

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