Calgary neurologist who admitted to dozens of sexual assaults to face sentencing hearing

CALGARY — Several women are expected to speak in court today about a retired Calgary neurologist who sexually assaulted them.

Keith Hoyte pleaded guilty in January to assaulting 28 female patients over three decades.

Crown prosecutor Rosalind Greenwood says about 20 victims are expected to attend Hoyte’s sentencing hearing.

She says many are expected to read their victim impact statements in court, and she will read statements from some others.

An agreed statement of facts described how the victims, between the ages of 17 and 46, felt confused, embarrassed, numb and angry during appointments with Hoyte.

Women recounted being told to undress from the waist up, even though they were seeking treatment for brain ailments such as migraines and seizures.

They described how Hoyte fondled their breasts and pricked them with pins, while he made little eye contact or conversation.

In some cases, they said, the doctor pushed down gowns without his patients’ consent.

Court heard that most of the time Hoyte did not explain what he was doing or why. In some cases, he said it was to test reflexes or sensation.

The agreed statement of facts said a common thread was that the doctor was seeking sexual gratification from his patients.

Court heard one victim went to police in 1991, another in 2008 and a third in 2018. Police charged Hoyte with three counts of sexual assault in June 2018. After media reports, 25 more women came forward.

Complainants said in the agreed statement of facts that they did not report Hoyte sooner because they thought they wouldn’t be believed or would be thought of as difficult patients.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 8, 2020

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