Calgary artist hoping Flames fans go wild for playoff anthem

Joey Braunwarth says he still remembers all of the words to the Calgary Flames’ 2004 unofficial playoff anthem ‘In Da Dome.’

Now, in hopes of another long playoff run, Braunwarth — who goes by the stage name w i l d — has released his own playoff anthem for 2022: ‘Win The Cup.’

“I think that in order for people to even believe in the Flames, they want to see that they’re going further than they have in the past. That 2004 run is an example of how the whole city rallied around the team and the song,” he said.

Braunwarth teamed up with 98.5 Virgin Radio to record the new anthem and shot a video for the song alongside some of the on-air personalities and Flames fans.

He said it took him about a week and a half to write the lyrics for reimagined version of Cardi B’s song ‘Up.’

Braunwarth has now rigged up a flatbed trailer with speakers and equipment to perform along the Red Mile and near the Saddledome.

“We just want to get people amped up for this long run we’re going to go on,” he said.

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