Bear feasting on campers’ food prompts warning at Spray Lakes West Campground

CALGARY — A bear warning has been issued for a Kananaskis Country campground after a black bear entered a campsite on the weekend and helped itself to food on a picnic table.

Alberta Parks says a black bear wandered into the Spray Lakes West Campground in Spray Valley Provincial Park on July 10 while campers were preparing a meal in their site. No injuries have been reported.

Campers and visitors to the park are being encouraged to take additional steps to ensure food and other items that may attract bears are secure, even when people are around.

Should a bear enter your campsite, Alberta Parks says you should:

  • Stay calm;
  • Keep all members of your group together;
  • Prepare to use bear spray;
  • Yell and attempt to make yourself look bigger; and,
  • Wave your arms, make noise and honk vehicle horns.

If the bear does not leave, slowly back away and retreat to the safety of a vehicle. Gather and secure all food and any other potential bear attractants if it is safe to do so.

All bear encounters should be reported to campground staff or Kananaskis Emergency Services at 403-591-7755. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

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