Alta. to scrap photo radar on most residential roads, double ticketing within 5 minutes in 2022


The Alberta government extended its freeze on new photo radar devices on Wednesday and announced new restrictions around the controversial enforcement practice.

Starting in April 2022, photo radar will not be allowed on residential roads with a speed limit below 50 km/h unless in a school, playground or construction zone, Transportation Minister Rajan Sawhney said.

Photo radar use in school and construction zones will be restricted to when school is in session and when workers are present, respectively, the minister added.

Sawhney also promised drivers would not get multiple tickets within five minutes of each other.

“These new rules will put a stop to photo radar fishing holes or speed traps,” Sawhney said. “This is about making sure photo radar will be used to improve traffic safety.”


The two-year freeze on new photo radar equipment announced in December 2019 has also been extended for another year.

Sawhney explained the extension will give municipalities more time to gather and give the province data that shows why photo radar should be used in any given location with the intent to increase safety — not make money.

“It’s really important to understand exactly what’s happening in terms of these photo radar sites are selected, and that requires making sure that we have the data collected by the municipalities. Once you have that information, it’s going to inform any other further policy changes,” Sawhney said.

“The data collection aspect, which municipalities will be required to submit, is going to be used to determine what future site selection is going to look like…if it’s not showing any significant reduction in safety initiative, then that would be a good reason to remove that site.”

The freeze was extended to Dec. 1, 2022.

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