Alberta not considering non-compliance vaccine tax like Quebec: Premier’s office

After Quebec announced it would soon charge unvaccinated individuals with a financial penalty, Alberta has no plans to do the same. 

In a statement from the premier’s office, press secretary Justin Brattinga wrote: “Alberta has not considered and is not considering bringing in any kind of non-compliance vaccine tax.”

Quebec Premier François Legault announced Tuesday his province will charge a fee to residents who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for non-medical reasons. 

The exact amount has not yet been determined. The province is consulting with the minister of finance and legal advisers about implementing the measure, but Legault has already said $50 or $100 “is not significant” enough for him. 

The tax would apply to all adults in Quebec who refuse to get their first dose of the vaccine “in the next few weeks,” according to Legault. People who have medical exemptions to vaccination will not have to pay the tax. 

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