Aggressive coyote in southeast Calgary

CALGARY — Signs warning of coyotes dotted the path along the ridge in overlooking Fish Creek Park in the southeast district of Mountain Park Monday morning after an aggressive coyote was reported in the area.

Professional dog walker Rebecca Atkinson has had encounters with the animals along that ridge, and said that in some cases they were a little too close for comfort.

“It was just stalking us and we turn around it was like hanging out behind us. And then it’s happened again when I was walking another boxer, “said Atkinson. “One of my neighbours actually said that he his dog got bitten on the back of the ankle by one, so they have been pretty brave. They’re coming out a lot more, which is scary.”

Monday Calgary 311 publically posted the most recent complaint which reads:

“Man walking his large dog (Rottweiler) and coyote snuck up and bit at dog’s leg. Followed him up road. I had to change routes with my dog this morning to avoid. Not sure if he will report. This happened along walking route I take every day. My friend’s dog was also bit in same area and I am reporting because it’s likely same coyote that came within a few feet from me and stalked me and came at me and my dog baring teeth and growling several weeks back. I now carry spray with me. It’s not OK.”

The location reported was close to the entrance to Mackenzie Meadows golf course.

The course’s chief operation officer said the wild dogs have always lived around the course and haven’t been an issue for the club.

“Everybody has to remember that this is Fish Creek Provincial Park, that borders McKenzie Lake,” said Scott Orban. “Later on in the evening, sometime you can hear them get pretty stirred up in the hillside and kind of above our 10th tee, but honestly we hear them more than  we see them.”

Rebecca Atkinson said coyote encounters along the ridge overlooking Fish Creek Park, and in the neighboring communities are becoming more frequent.

“It does seem like it’s getting worse in some ways. We’ve seen a den with pups in there before and of course, then the moms are really protective,” said Atkinson

“It’s scary for kids, small dogs, anyone really,” she added. “It’s nerve-wracking to be in that community and not know when they’re going to’ come out.”

But Orban who also lives in the area said enjoying living near the park means accepting the wildlife too.”One of the one of the beauties of living near Fish Creek Park is you can access those park paths and it’s beautiful. You have all this nature here,” said Orban. “But all that nature doesn’t exist without that whole ecosystem. So we just have to know where we are living and take the precautions.”

In June there were several coyote attacks in northwest Calgary. In one case, a woman was brazenly attacked and bitten by a rogue coyote while standing on a city sidewalk.

That coyote was animal was eventually caught and killed by the city.

City crews are investigating the latest aggressive coyote in southeast Calgary.  They have not determined the level of threat it poses, or what its fate will be.

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