2 bodies recovered from Bow River on Sunday, police investigating

CALGARY — Two bodies were recovered from the Bow River in Calgary on Sunday.

The first body was called in around noon, after a someone called 911 to report it in the area near Harvie Passage.

The Calgary Fire Department aquatic rescue team was dispatched in response to a request from the Calgary Police Service.

Police are now investigating the scene and the situation which led to the body being in the river.

Around 2:10 p.m., the fire department was called out to the river for a second time, this time for a report of a person in the water south of Harvie Passage near the 17 Avenue Cushing Bridge.

As with the first case, police and the aquatic rescue team also attended the scene, and a second body was found in the river.

Police are also investigating the circumstances around the second body.

While it’s not clear if the two events are connected or criminal in nature, CFD is reminding residents that river banks are dangerous this time of year due to melting ice and increasing water levels, and are reminding residents to avoid river banks, community lakes and storm ponds.

If you spot someone who has fallen through the ice, stay back and call 911, and don’t attempt to help them without the use of an aid like a branch or rope.

If you fall through the ice, CFD has provided the following tips:

  • Stay calm and try to keep your head is out of the water and control your breathing.
  • Call for help and keep your hands on the ice shelf.
  • Try to pull yourself up on the ice on your stomach and roll towards the shore, where the ice may be thicker.
  • If you can’t get out of the water in less than 10 minutes, stop kicking and trying to pull yourself out, and anchor yourself to the ice shelf. Continue to call for help. 

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