Watch this beaver slap its tail and even lunge at a coyote in downtown Calgary

Don’t worry. No beavers were harmed in the capturing of these photos.

At least according to Caillie Mutterback, who was lucky enough to witness this exchange in person on Thursday just before 7 p.m. while out at Prince’s Island Park in downtown Calgary.

Mutterback, a wildlife enthusiast, first spotted this lone beaver and began to take pictures of it. (All images and video in this story are by Caillie Mutterback.)

That’s when she noticed the coyote approaching from the opposite bank.

“I began photographing with my camera as it crossed the river, and started recording because I didn’t think my partner would believe me and had no idea what would happen,” Mutterback recounted.

To her relief, when the two wild creatures met face to face, the coyote only seemed to be interested in playing. Eventually, it got bored and walked away.

But not before Mutterback managed to snap these pictures and record some video.

“I stayed for quite a while and didn’t leave until the coyote had fully walked away,” she said.

“Anti-climatic, but probably for the best!”

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