U of C pauses privatization of campus bookstore management

The University of Calgary says it will delay its review of options to privatize management of the campus bookstore.

Administration said consultations over the past few months have generated more than 3,000 responses, providing valuable insight.

Earlier this month, the Students’ Union (SU) released a survey showing that 89 per cent of students opposed the privatization of bookstore management operations.

Linda Dalgetty, vice-president of finance at the university, said it was determined that any changes to bookstore operations right now would be potentially disruptive.

“We’ve decided that with the strong focus we have on the return to campus post-pandemic, that we really want to put a pause on the bookstore and first off focus on returning to campus,” Dalgetty said.

“But most importantly, understand clearly what the bookstore operations look like in a post-pandemic world, to ensure that any decisions are made with updated and proper information.”

Students’ Union says right decision was made

SU president Nicole Schmidt said survey results collected by the union indicated that a large majority of students surveyed opposed the move to privatize the bookstore.

“We think this is a really great chance for the university to do more consultation with students to get students’ feedback and hear student concerns about the privatization model,” Schmidt said.

She said the union will continue to monitor the situation moving forward.

The university said it will do more engagement with students in the new year and a final decision will be made by the end of June 2022.

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