The pink ‘supermoon’ this week was a photographer’s dream

Last Monday, a pink supermoon was visible in the sky above Calgary.

Such a big full moon happens only a couple times a year when the moon is orbiting as close as it can to the Earth.

Although the full moon sometimes looks pink near the horizon, April’s moon was named after a pink phlox that is one of the earliest spring flowers. 

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This unique full moon was visible until Wednesday morning — giving Calgarians plenty of time to enjoy the view and snap a few shots.

The next supermoon is set for May 26, when the moon will actually be slightly closer to the Earth.

But until then, check out the pictures below to see just how spectacular it was this week.

(Pardeep Sooch)

(Ron Jeffery)

(Tammy Wing)

(Matt Melnyk)




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